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Where the past comes to life...


The Mexica Museum is located in Mexico City’s historic center. It was built during the country’s colonial era on top of the ruins of the mexica civilization, which existed in these lands for centuries. This civilization was enslaved, massacred, and stolen from their territory to make way for the Spanish conquerors. The museum walls were built using the same rocks that formed ancient and sacred temples, stained with the blood of the indigenous civilization that originally founded this city. Many vestiges of this civilization co-exist with the daily life, and the accelerated pace of the city. The ruins of the Templo Mayor (a neighboring relic of our museum that you can visit with the same access ticket!) and other nearby archaeological sites are very popular tourist attractions. It is believed that many important sacred ruins are still buried under the streets through which thousands of people circulate daily and have not been touched for centuries. Many people claim that this area is saturated with shrines, human remains, ghostly apparitions, treasures, and even a door to another  dimension - all waiting to be discovered. Important findings made during the modern era of Mexico City, –when it grew, giving way to construction works for new buildings and services– seem to confirm, at least, to some extent, centuries of folklore and legends. Most of the artifacts that you will see in our exhibition are part of these findings made throughout the history of the city and have an incalculable value to our nation.


Ronda Nocturna. Acrílico, 2021. © Aldo Iram Juárez

How to play?

In this game, 1 to 4 players take on the role of human characters who must survive a night trapped inside the museum, working together, engaging in combat, and collecting various items such as weapons, keys, or ancient artifacts from the exhibition, to fulfill different scenarios that will allow them to escape alive, before the clock’s time limit runs out.


A single player will take on the role of the ghost priest. His sole purpose is to eliminate all humans who wander around the museum to serve as ritual sacrifice to the ancient gods. To do this, the ghost priest will have the help of subservient entities and will be assisted by various events that will occur every in-game “hour”.


As one of the survivors, you must do everything you can to hide from the priest, defend yourself from his attacks, and use your cunning to overcome his power, as well as fully cooperate with your teammates: healing their wounds, share weapons and items, and stay close to each other at every moment.

For if you one of your teammates dies, becomes part of the PRIEST's army, as one of his subservient ghosts: hunting your former friends to take them with you to the underworld.

  • An asymmetric survival horror game written, designed and hand illustrated by Aldo Iram Juárez and Luciana Christiansen

  • An immersive narrative mixed with semi-cooperative strategic gameplay.

  • Print&play: Download the files and build your own copy of the game at home, with simple materials.

  • An easy to learn/ hard to master game!

  • Print and Play version includes three different scenarios: each one with a different story and mechanics, for 2 to 5 players.

  • Estimated play time: 40 - 60 minutes.

  • Fully translated to English.

  • Main mechanics: storytelling, actions system, semi-cooperative game, area movement, events, secret objective, time limit, dice combat, chess movement, riddles.

Daga Ceremonial. Acrílico. 2021. © Aldo Iram Juárez

"Why do I want to have and play this game?"

  • Original story! In addition to giving  Lovecraft, Cthulhu, zombies, and other copyright-free monsters, a  necessary rest (coff coff) we want to propose an environment rich in  stories and History (of our culture, myths and legends, with a good mix  of contemporary fiction and horror). Many anecdotes that inspire the  game, and are included in it, are: a) real Mexican folklore events  (learn while you play: sounds cheesy but is true... THIS IS a Museum,  after all.) b) stories told by real people in an environment VERY  similar to this one (Luciana, one of the game's creators, took direct  inspiration from the anecdotes that she heard while working in a Museum  at downtown City, near all these real life mexica temples and  monuments.)

  •  It's a handcrafted, hand illustrated, low-budget, indie-developed by two people (Luciana Christiansen and Aldo Iram Juárez). It's always a good reason  to support independent creation, which will spawn future cult classics  and massive hits. Don't you think? :)

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